Omega Strategies : Persuasion by Removing Resistance

DVDs and Products

1.  An Introduction to Resistance and Persuasion. This 48 minute DVD provides insights into the three forms of resistance and offers numerous examples of simple, effective Omega Strategies to deal with them. It presents an interview Eric Knowles conducted by Kevin Hogan, persuasion expert.

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This DVD provides a useful introduction to Omega Strategies.


What you get: 48 minute DVD.   $46.00 ($6.00 s/h)


2.   Resistance and Persuasion: A First Course.

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Four (4) DVDs and 54 page work book explain the three forms of resistance and helps you learn to identify each kind of resistance in your clients or customers.

It also goes through, step by step, each of the Omega Strategies that have been identified to deal with each type of resistance.  This is a full 3 ½ hour course, jam‑packed with powerful ideas not available anywhere else.

The workbook provides detailed descriptions of material covered in the DVDs as well as numerous exercises and worksheets that help you master these Omega Strategies.

What you get: 4 DVD set and 1 CD with 54 page workbook in pdf format.

$247.  (8.00 s/h)


3.  Resistance and Persuasion.

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This 343 page book, edited by Dr. Knowles and Dr. Jay Linn, presents the professional level research and theory behind the Omega Strategies.

Warning: This is not a “How to” book. It is a “How to understand” book written by the best persuasion researchers in psychology, communication, marketing, and advertising.

Hardcover Edition (ISBN 0-8058-4486-4)

$119.00 ($7.00 s/h)

Paperback Edition ( ISBN 0-8058-4487-2)

$46.00 ($7.00 s/h)