Omega Strategies : Persuasion by Removing Resistance


Here are some web links that I find interesting, useful, and productive.

Kevin Hogan -

Kevin is the world’s most knowledgeable person about perusasion.  His books review and easily convey the persuasion literature from advertising, communication, and psychology.  In addition, he offers the Influence Boot Camp workshop and mentoring.

Kenrick Cleveland -

Kenrick knows communication.   He is a master of communication skills applied to sales and influence.  His 5-day workshops concentrate on skill building, producing effective persuaders.  He also offers mentoring.

David Lakhani

David is a master at using narratives and stories to communicate and persuade.  As soon as you hear his personal story, you will be hooked into wanting to know what he knows.  His books are full of practical suggestions for building better, more ethical persuasion.

Derren Brown -

I’ve never met Derren Brown, but I am fascinated with the demonstrations of the subtlety and power of communication he has created for Channel 4 in Britain.   This link is to tapes of these demonstrations.  My personal favorites are “The lost taxi driver” and the mass hypnosis at Wellgate Mall.

Bob Cialdini -

Bob is Mr. Influence.  He has created, researched, and written about persuasion for over 30 years.  His books, tapes, and workshops focus on Alpha Strategies, those ways to make offers and opportunities more attractive to customers.   As such, Bob’s ideas are a perfect complement to my work on Omega Strategies.  Bob is a giant in social psychology and his six principles of persuasion have stood the test of time.