Omega Strategies : Persuasion by Removing Resistance

Omega Strategies

Omega Strategies are those psychologically sophisticated and effective things that you can do to sidestep, reduce, remove, distract, disrupt, or redirect a person’s resistance.    There are different kinds of Omega Strategies for each kind of resistance.

For instance, REACTANCE which is the resistance against being influenced, responds well to various techniques that minimize the influence.  So, for reactance, Dr. Knowles suggests and will teach you to how to Redefine the Sales Relationship, how to Depersonalize the Interaction, how to Minimize the Request, how to Focus Resistance where it does not interfere with influence and how to Acknowledge Resistance.

SKEPTICISM, which is resistance against the proposal, responds well to Providing Guarantees,   Reframing. Pushing the Consideration into the Future, and Changing the Comparison.

INERTIA, which is resistance against any change, responds well to Increases in Self‑Competence, Minimizing the Request, Acknowledging InertiaDisrupting Intertia, and Requiring Choices.

The materials available on the DVD and product page explain much more about these Omega Strategies.  The 4 DVD set, Resistance and Persuasion: A First Course, is the most detailed description of these techniques.  It is accompanied by a 54 page work book that explains, gives examples, and provides exercises or mastering each of these Omega Strategies.