Omega Strategies : Persuasion by Removing Resistance

Resistance and Persuasion

Two Paths to Persuasion

"Resistance" by Eric Knowles

To survive, each organism has to seek out the opportunities in its environment while avoiding the dangers.  From the earliest life forms, evolution has programmed two separate neuro‑chemical systems in the brain, one devoted to detecting, assessing, and approaching the opportunities, and the other devoted to sensing, evaluating, and avoiding the dangers and hazards.

This basic brain structure implies that there are two separate pathways to persuasion.  One path emphasizes and increases the benefits in a product or service.  I call this path, the Alpha Path, and the techniques that use it the Alpha Strategies.  I am sure that you are familiar with the many ways to explain or add to the features and benefits of the products and services you offer.

The other path to persuasion I call the Omega Path and the techniques that use it the Omega Strategies.  It is less well known and less well understood.  The Omega Path works through the neuro‑chemical pathway set to detect dangers, by diminishing the sense of wariness about the headaches and hassles of adopting a product or service.  Simply put, Omega Strategies work by removing or neutralizing the natural resistance that a person feels.  The DVDs and products offered on this website will make you much more aware of the forms of resistance you meet and the startling techniques that can be used to persuade people by removing their resistance.

There is an added benefit from learning and using Omega Strategies to persuade.  Omega Strategies decrease a client or customer’s ambivalence, precisely because these strategies address and diminish the sources of reluctance and resistance.   Buyer remorse is erased, the customer is more comfortable and happy with the choice.


Resistance is the key to persuasion.  If there were no resistance, you wouldn’t need persuasion.  This fact implies that the Omega Path to persuasion and the Omega Strategies we teach are the most important tools in your persuasion tool box.  Because resistance is the key to persuasion, you better know how to deal directly with resistance.

Alpha Strategies deal with resistance by overwhelming it.  When a buyer is ambivalent, the Alpha approach is to overpower the resistance with rhetoric (describing the benefits) or incentives (adding benefits).  The problem is that Alpha Strategies, even when they are successful in persuading, don’t diminish the concerns and apprehensions that a customer had.

Omega Strategies deal with resistance directly, finding ways to avert, remove, or redirect resistance.  With resistance reduced or removed, then the customer is free to pursue the features and benefits that attracted them in the first place.  You don’t need to add any incentives or explain the benefits any differently.

Three Forms of Resistance

Resistance is not a single reaction.  There are three separate forms of resistance, three kinds of resistance that have different aims and concerns: