Omega Strategies : Persuasion by Removing Resistance

Speaking and Consultation

Dr. Eric KnowlesDr. Eric Knowles is available for speaking and consulting.


Dr. Knowles is an entertaining and informative speaker.  His talks are peppered with fascinating examples of persuasion tactics taken from his own studies, from persuasion masters, and from communications, psychology, and advertising research.  He will tailor a highly visual and active presentation to your audience.

Dr. Knowles is available to speak for 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 ½ hours on these topics:


Dr. Knowles is available to work with you, your company, your organization, or your conference to put together a workshop that helps participants (a) identify resistance in clients or customers, (b) learn about various Omega Strategies that deal with, neutralize, and overcome different kinds of resistance, and (c) gain skill and experience designing and using these strategies.

Workshops can be designed to fit 4 hour (½ day), 7 hour (1 day), 11 hour (1 ½ day), or 14 hour (2 day) formats.   Longer formats allow for more skill building experience and practice.  Dr. Knowles will work with your conference coordinator to provide information and skills tailored for your company and industry.


Dr. Knowles is available to consult on particular projects or issues dealing with resistance and persuasion.   He brings to your problems or projects his expertise in identifying and overcoming resistance, his wealth of experience in creative design, and his ability to convey complicated ideas simply and directly.  Dr. Knowles is practical in his approach, focused on success.  He will consult with you and your team to find effective solutions to the resistance you meet.

Consultation fees vary widely depending on the nature, length, and location of the consultation. E‑mail Dr. Knowles (  with an inquiry to begin discussion about his consultation.