Omega Strategies : Persuasion by Removing Resistance


I was totally blown away with your talk.... It is amazing that every single book in sales and influence I have studied (more than 200) do not focus on "reducing resistance", but you do!!! Your content is very"cutting edge" and it applies to ALL sales industry!

— Roberto Monaco, Peak Performance Strategist, Roberto Monaco International


The testing and results that Dr. Knowles has been getting are exactly what's revolutionizing the field of motivation and persuasion. ...Want more ideas? You can't go wrong studying his omega strategy conclusions. They're tested, they work!

—  William Bodri,,
author of The Means to Win: Success Strategies for Business and Politics


Dr Knowles is so compelling that he has managed to persuade America's National Science Foundation to give him $163,000 to find ways of making messages and appeals more persuasive.

The Economist, May 2, 2002.

Quite simply this DVD set is the missing link to effective persuasion. Dr. Knowles Omega strategies for overcoming resistance to persuasion are the most powerful tools to evolve in the understanding of persuasion in the past 20 years. His thorough explanation combined with real world applications through his corporate work make this learning mandatory for anyone serious about persuasion, influence, marketing, advertising or selling. If you've ever used persuasive techniques and not gotten the results you expected, Dr. Knowles will explain why and what to do now. I consider Dr. Knowles one of my mentors and now through this DVD set, so can you.

— David Lakhani,,
author of the bestselling book Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want

I have followed the work of Knowles for some time now. An admiring fan. When I heard Resistance and Persuasion was going to be released I was ecstatic. This is the finest academic book written about persuasion in 20 years. It will become an indispensable classic in short time.

— Kevin Hogan,, Author of The Psychology of Persuasion and The Science of Influence