Omega Strategies : Persuasion by Removing Resistance

Dr. Eric KnowlesIs resistance ever a problem for you?

Learn to effectively deal with resistance using Dr. Knowles’ Omega Strategies. 

Omega Strategies are persuasion techniques specifically aimed at reducing resistance.

Resistance is natural and built in.  All people have some level of SKEPTICISM about any proposal or plan, REACTANCE against being influenced, and INERTIA against making any change.  These three forms of resistance result in millions of lost opportunities.

Eric Knowles is the world’s foremost expert on overcoming resistance.  He had identified numerous Omega Strategies that specifically target and neutralize resistance.

How do you learn about Omega Strategies?

This website gives an overview of the Omega Strategies approach, so read on!

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There are four ways to learn about Omega Strategies:

  1. Order the DVD, An Introduction to Resistance and Persuasion. This 48 minute interview with Eric Knowles conducted by Kevin Hogan, persuasion expert, provides insights into the three forms of resistance and offers examples of simple, effective Omega Strategies to deal with them.

  2. Purchase the 4 DVD set and workbook, Resistance and Persuasion: A First Course.  This course explains the three forms of resistance and helps you learn to identify each kind of resistance in your clients or customers.  It also goes, step by step, through various Omega Strategies that have been identified to deal with each type of resistance.  This is a full 4‑hour workshop, jam‑packed with powerful ideas available nowhere else.

  3. Order and read the professional book, Resistance and Persuasion, published by Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates. This book, edited by Dr. Knowles and Dr. Jay Linn, presents the professional level research and theory behind a number of Omega Strategies.  Warning: This is not a “How to” book. It is a “how to understand” book written by the best persuasion researchers in psychology, communication, marketing, and advertising.

  4. Invite Dr. Knowles as a speaker, consultant, or workshop leader.